Steve Wallace Music

The Throwback Mixtape

Vol: Infinity (Spring 2005)

With a love for 90's Hip Hop, Steve Wallace digs into the classics and brings a soulful spin to your favorite beats by Dj Premier, Pete Rock, and A Tribe Called Quest!

Stand Outs

"Off The Books" and "Gangsta Chick" are fun storytelling. "C.R.E.A.M." autobiographical, and "Victory" is Christian hip-hop. This project was my first, released in April of 2005. A big hit in NYC barbershops!

Come With Tha Real!

Lo Fi Soul (Fall 2005)

In an attempt to create a dirty, unpolished sound, came this diamond in  the rough. Mostly based on relationships from college and experiences as a struggling artist. This album has a subplot following the story of an 8 year old child called "Tha Real" who is an allegory for the inner child, from a place of facade to authentic connection and maturity with God.

Stand Out Singles

"I've Been Serchin'" had a video that was played in rotation on BET-J. "Ventilation" is a fan favorite and "I Fell in Love" is a true soul ballad in story and sound. Plus, there is a song about a jacket and a nod to Chicago House Music!

Hope 4 Tha Holidays

Indie Soul First...! (2006)

The very first Indie Soul Christmas/Holiday album. More polished than it's predecessors, delving into Jazz and Gospel. A big seller locally with new arrangements of old favorites and new additions to the holidays.

Stand Outs...

"Christmas Time" takes titles and lines from old favorites and gives an urban twist. "Sweet Lil Jesus Boy" is a moving acoustic performance of a classic Spiritual, and Perfect Christmas was actually written for the film "The Perfect Holiday" ... I still think they made a mistake passing on this song! Look out for the bonus hidden instrumental... shake a hand, shake a hand!

Come With Tha REMIX!

How many Jacket Songs?!! (2007)

Three "Jacket Song" Remixes, 2 "I Fell In Love" Remixes, a House Music Remix of "To Me" which was more of an acoustic swing song on the original... As well as a bunch of dope features from J Keys, Farrah (Boule) Burns, and Substantial.


The album color was a conscious choice to prepare the audience for the next "official" release "Urban Soul" witch was always an indigo evening in the city sound to me vs "Come With Tha Real's" earthier dusty sound.

Urban Soul (CD/DVD)

The Inception of the SUPER album (2008-09)

"Tha Real" is back in an adventure to bring a message to the city! Before Beyonce's Lemonade and Kanye's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, there was Urban Soul; A video album. Urban Soul:The Movie premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival in 2009.

Stand Out Singles...

The concept of Urban lifestyle from a varied perspective is manifested by sound primarily and lyrically second. This give Urban Soul a multi-tiered experience as the listener. The title track "Urban Soul" is exciting! Songs like "The Truth" and "It's Your's" are radio ready, but be sure to check out "Packages," Metro Gotham Town" and the epic full version of "4 Hip Hop" feat. Maya Azucena. 

Ain't Nothin Nu But The Blues

Muddy Wallace Jr (2011)

Just in time for the recession, here was a taste of my experimentation after discussions with my brother and others... I wanted to go back earlier to preserve an appreciate foundational black music and my father's generation. First of 5 albums released in a year (2011-12).

Stand outs...

These are all electro remakes of Blues songs from the 50's and 60's. The House Music vibe of "Mojo Working" is a lot of fun. "Mustang Sally" came out really great, and of course my first self produced music video for "I Just Can't Be Satisfied" Featuring my Wife, my Pops, and my mom's finger... LOL!


Soultracks Album Of The Month (2011)

Some of my best work here. I still believe that a couple of these tunes will get picked up for TV or film. 2nd installment of my "Electro Blues" experiments. 2nd of 5 albums in a year.

Stand Out Singles

I always wanted to do a video for "E-Class" and "Savin' All Her Love," but didn't have the budget. "Circles" and "Cashmere" are my personal favorites. "Holiday (Where My Money At?) Is hilarious once you get it.  

Mega Man 2

Awesome Workout Album!!! (2011)

I used to rent Mega Man 2 from the video game rental store back in the day just to listen to the tunes! I would actually put the game on pause and sit and listen until I memorized the tunes. I loved that there were multiple parts, bridges, sections and even codas! 3 of 5.

Still a story...

Even though this is an all instrumental mixtape, I still always love to tell a good story. Notice that through it all, I used clips from an early 90's Mega Man Cartoon along with ordering the enemies in a way as if the listener is winning the game, ultimately defeating Dr. Wiley (who has some awesome music BTW).

U Dunno Mi

No more singing rappers...! (2011)

I love Hip Hop! Not like... "I love it when people rap!"... but Hip Hop, the culture of African American struggle that is celebrated by people all over the world. I still remember the feelings I had when I heard certain songs, and the void it filled when all R&B singers were trying to always sell sex. There was a variety of stories and perspectives that I thought presented a 3 dimensional representation of life that no other music I heard at the time. That's why I was pretty upset that the few rappers we had in the mainstream actually keeping the culture alive to some degree decided to start singing EVERYTHING!... So I decided to rap myself and put a sound out that I was missing in music. 4 of 5.

Stand Out Singles

"Who Ya Luv" feat. Asa Lovechild, was a favorite on internet radio. "Where Will He Find Your Name" is my attempt at eschatology in one long rap verse when everyone was talking about the end of the world in the arrival of 2012. My personal favs are "Relax" and "Hear 4 Ya" feat. J-Keys, Substantial, Qu'ality, Farrah (Boule) Burns, and Phase One.

Street Symphony

Opera Stories Recontextualized

Each song on this project has a sample from an opera. I used that sample to prompt the story I would tell in the songs, to the point that the titles are in Italian, French and German. Truly an album for Classical Music nerds who happen to be hip hop headz. Obviously, my favorite album! 5 of 5 in 2012.

Stand Outs...

The song "Dannato!" came out around the Trayvon Martin murder, and I think some other murders of young black men  were getting alot of attention at the time. One writer compared "Dannato" to Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit!" Most of my friends like "BASTA!" cause we all just want to tell somebody to SHUT UP sometimes... and there's a remix of Beethoven's 7th Symphony 2nd Movement called "Uncle Louie's Adagio."


The 90's are back!!!

These are a batch of songs that date back a bit for me written in my college days. Released in 2018, but I have always loved them! A real strong 90's flair! I recorded, mixed and mastered them in a week.

Stand Outs...

Everyday is a real nice mid tempo slow jam. But the most interesting is hearing the super 90's vibes of Whatever, How I, and Feelin' Like. Don't forget to check out the socially conscious 2nd half with "This World" and "Ill Fruit" not to mention the remake of Phil Collins "Paradise" at the end.