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Let There Be Peace On Earth

Don't we all need a bit more peace in this world?... Here's a NEW SINGLE for you and  the holiday season! Official Music Video COMING SOON!!!

Steve Wallace: The New Renaissance Man

Hal King: The Movie (Composer/Creator)


 Hal King is a hip hop/r&b style musical film set in the jazz era of the late 1950's. Essentially it is a coming of age story amidst politics, war, drugs, jealousy and forbidden love. It blends both classic and modern styles on all levels of art, with music, poetry, costumes, acting, dance and film; being the true "great artwork," striving for a high level in all concentrations. Hal King is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Henry IV and V modernized in a mid-western African-American town.  

Performer-Opera Singer


For the last few years, I have developed into a classical vocalist, performing over 10 lead operatic roles with professional companies nationwide, not to mention concert works and oratorios. Please visit my website as an operatic tenor for video, audio and pictures from productions.

Hip Hop, Soul, & Blues


From 2005-2012, I have released 10 albums under various pseudonyms, Steve Wallace-The Ambassador of Urban Soul, Studio Steve, Muddy Wallace Jr, and S-Dhub; as well as a producer for a variety of genres, including jazz, soul, gospel, hip hop and pop for close to 100 other albums. Come visit and take a listen to some of these critically acclaimed projects!



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